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EST. 2005.
It all started when Michael Paolucci and Blini Hoxha started working together in 2000. Blini Hoxha a Kosovar-Albanian native who moved to the U.S in 1996 as an exchange student to escape war-torn Kosova was studying architecture at UH and working to pay for school and support his family when the Pub Fiction idea was born. Michael had relocated from Chicago in 2000 to open a downtown nightclub for a national company. In 2004, the company left the Houston market; thereby, giving Michael and his new business partner, Blini, the opportunity to put their stamp on the Houston nightlife scene.

With a heavy Chicago, big city influence and Blini’s European flair design ideas, together they created Houston’s first Urban Tavern in Midtown. As Michael said, "we took everything people love about their favorite neighborhood hangout, added an urban chic feel to it, while not forgetting what it was that made people love their local tavern. We kept our focus on sports, pool, darts and atmosphere, while adding a Chef inspired food and drink menu and placing a heavy emphasis on entertainment and customer service."

To provide the level of customer service necessary to succeed, Michael and Blini surrounded themselves with friends and family to help create this winning formula. Long time friend Al Scavelli wore the GM hat. Friends and former Bar Houston employees Mike Gillum, Matt Gallagher, Matt Galipp and Fidan Baca lent a much needed hand. Blini's brother Dardan Hoxha and Cousin Tony Muhaxhiri helped bartend and manage the place, while good friend Jim Crable kept an eye on the books. Pub Fiction was an instant hit, and both Blini and Michael attribute much of the overall and long-term success to the team they built around them.

Houston is known for having many different entertainment options (Clubs, Lounges, Ice Houses, Sports Bars and Restaurants). However, Pub Fiction was created with the simple idea, that no matter what your mood, Pub should be on your mind! As Blini said, "we found a great location, a concept we believed in, and we are not afraid to work 100 hours a week to make it successful!"